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Astro Emporia 1.2 Release on Desura

This release will introduce the entire new interface and graphics style update.

Another mode was enabled which is basically doubling the amount of turns you can play for.

Main Game Interface :
  • Planets have labels that allow you to see what type they are and what resource type they are seeking next turn.
  • Your Ships cargo resource types are now always visible at the top of the screen.
  • Icons to represent resource types.
  • Icons to represent each resource.
  • New upgrade ship options to support the new ship models.
  • Can now Jettison a resource to make space.


Graphics Update :
  • All the graphics for the interface have been updated.
  • Graphics for the planets have been updated to be more consistent.
  • New ship models.


Mobile release :

The game is being released on the Android platform and will likely be in a bundle in the near future.

Next update?

The plan is to add buyout mode and online leaderboard.
Also plans are to include localization if there is enough interest shown.

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