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Astro Emporia 1.3 Release.

Buyout Mode – The objective of this mode is to buy the entire solar system in as few turns as you can. Each time you buy a planet the cost of buying the next planet increases. However you get a bigger bonus from buying and selling at planets you own. Choose your planet order strategically.

Limited turns 15 – Standard mode but with 15 turns for a faster game.

Quick Game Preferences – In the Gameplay options you can set your preferred mode for the Quick Game button.

Buyout Mode Screenshots:

The Main Solar system view in Buyout Mode

In Buyout mode the planets have a Percentage owned label above them to indicate how much of the planet you have paid off.

Buyout Mode Trade Window

In Buyout mode you can click on the planet name in the trade window to open the payment window.

Buyout Mode Payment Window

You can make partial or full payments here to buy the planet.