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Recent Activity and Progress.

It has been a busy couple of months with Astro Emporia.
Firstly it has appeared in a couple of Game bundles. The first bundle with Groupees[groupees.com] and a second bundle with Lazy Guys Studio[lazyguysstudio.com]. It was a fun experience and gave the chance for some great feedback.

In the meantime Astro Emporia has been rebuilt from the ground up to support future enhancements and features. Not only has the stuff you can’t see been worked on but a complete new interface has been built into the game. Along side that the graphic style has also been made a bit more consistent. The planets and ships are still colorful but now look slightly more toony.

Work in progress screenshots at the bottom of the page.

Lets have a look at some of the changes :

  • Consistent Interface Style.
  • Minimised the amount of space that buttons took up in the game screen.
  • Planet Labels! You can now see what type of planet it is and what type of resource they want to buy next turn without having to interact with the planet.
  • Planets and sun are now randomly located around the game level.
  • Multiple ship models (redesigned to fit the theme)
  • Trading window redesign.
    • Planet Resources (Buyable resources) and ships cargo are now in a single window.
    • Resources have icons and should be much easier to recognise.
    • Resources are now laid out in a grid to make them easier to see and click on.

What can we expect in the next game update?

Since this update is mostly about rebuilding the game most of the changes available are really to do with the interface (the changes above).
A simple extended game mode will also be available which doubles the amount of turns you get in the game and will have it’s own separate high scores.

The near future?

All the work that has been done will allow for more stuff to be added more often. Here is a list of things planned :

  • Online Leaderboards
  • Buyout Game Mode. Instead of counting down the turns to see how much money you make, the objective will be to buy all the planets in the solar system in as few amount as turns as possible.
  • More…

Work in Progress Screenshots

New Main Menu

Main Menu more functional and cleaner.

New Trade Window

Removed planet resources window and ship cargo window and combined them.

Grid layout with icons to easily see which resources are available.

Most information readily visible.

Planet Labels

Planet names easily visible.

Can see what type of planet it is and what resource it is seeking next turn.

These screenshots are still work in progress. Things like the icons and planet labels have not been finalised. They are here as an indicator of how the new Interface will look and work.

Thank you for all the feedback so far and please feel free to provide any feedback via the forum on http://www.desura.com/games/astro-emporia/forum/board/feedback or by leaving a comment.

The games official website will be up soon and feedback can also be provided through that.


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