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Astro Emporia Update #1

Just a quick update to possibly answer some questions and give a better idea of the future for Astro Emporia.

User Interface


  • New Main Menu
  • New trading windows.
    • Each resource now has a unique icon.
    • Resources are now displayed in a grid as opposed to a list.
    • Better indication of profit/loss.
  • Each planet has a permanent label above it indicating it’s name and planet type. The resource it’s looking for in the next turn is also readily visible.
  • New in game interface.
  • Better consistency across the board in terms of look and feel.


Planned game modes
  • Multiple Objective based modes planned.
    • Buyout all planets in solar system.
    • Vs AI
    • More later….
  • Extended mode. More turns with the ability to travel to new solar systems that are more expensive.
  • Option to Jettison Cargo
  • Buying new ships. (Initially just to get more cargo space, but may lead to ships having perks. E.G. Less cargo space but travel twice per a tern etc.)
  • Online leader board.
  • Graphics enhancements.
    • More consistent style. (The look will be made to suite the casual nature of the game.)
    • Better textured planets.
    • Better Space backdrops.
  • Less epic music :/