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1.3.1 Update out soon.

Due to some confusion about resource types 1.3.1 will introduce the resource type icon as a part of the resource button in the trade window. Before the patch is released here is a description of the resource types. The Atom = Technology Type. (Scrap, Nano…

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Astro Emporia 1.3 Release.

Buyout Mode – The objective of this mode is to buy the entire solar system in as few turns as you can. Each time you buy a planet the cost of buying the next planet increases. However you get a bigger bonus from buying and…

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Astro Emporia 1.2 Release on Desura

This release will introduce the entire new interface and graphics style update. Another mode was enabled which is basically doubling the amount of turns you can play for. Main Game Interface : Planets have labels that allow you to see what type they are and…

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Recent Activity and Progress.

It has been a busy couple of months with Astro Emporia. Firstly it has appeared in a couple of Game bundles. The first bundle with Groupees[groupees.com] and a second bundle with Lazy Guys Studio[lazyguysstudio.com]. It was a fun experience and gave the chance for some…

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Astro Emporia Update #1

Just a quick update to possibly answer some questions and give a better idea of the future for Astro Emporia. User Interface   New Main Menu New trading windows. Each resource now has a unique icon. Resources are now displayed in a grid as opposed…